Best Gaming Mouse 2017 – Buyers Guide

I’m sure many of you are going to agree with me when I say this, but a good gaming mouse can go a long way. They can improve your accuracy in a game or they can give you an advantage in keybindings and extra buttons. Therefore, it’s important to buy a good one that works for you.

With that being said, recently I had to replace my G600 gaming mouse for FPS focused one. So while I was doing some research, I found that many people were suggesting a wide range of mice. Most of which included well-known companies like  Logitech, Razer and Steelseries. While others, less known companies like Dream machines, Rocat and Finalmouse. Honestly, I didn’t expect to see some smaller companies being suggested. Mostly, because the last time (years ago) I did heavy research into this subject, these companies weren’t properly established. Anyways, after reading all the suggestions, I came to the realization that I’m probably not the only gamer who is going to struggle to find the best gaming mouse for myself.

That’s why I set out to find the 10 best gaming mice every gamer should consider. I will be splitting this into two parts. The first part is FPS/MOBA/RTS orientated gaming mouses, while the other half is about MMO gaming ice. The FPS/MOBA/RTS part will have a heavy focus on that sweet pinpoint accuracy. While the MMO part will focus more on the extra features of mice, like buttons and so on. Furthermore, I included some important information below the table to help you in your endeavor to find the mouse that’s the best fit for you.

Gaming mouseSizeRecommended Grip*WeightExtra ButtonsBest forBuy Now
Razer Deathadder EliteM | LPalm | Claw | Finger Tip96g4FPS/Moba/RTSbest gaming mouses
Zowie FK 1/ 1+ & 2S | M | LClaw | Fingertip90g, 95g, 85g2FPS/Moba/RTSbest gaming mouses
Logitech G ProS | MPalm | Claw84g3FPS/Moba/RTSbest gaming mouses
Mionix CastorMPalm | Claw | Finger Tip90g3FPS/Moba/RTSbest gaming mouses
Dream Machines DM1 Pro SMPalm | Claw | Finger Tip85g3FPS/Moba/RTSbest gaming mouses
Logitech G600LPalm | Claw133g17MMO'sbest gaming mouses
Corsair Scimitar PROM | LPalm | Claw122g12MMO'sbest gaming mouses
Steelseries Rival 500M | LPalm | Claw | Fingertip130g12MMO'sbest gaming mouses
Roccat TyonLPalm | Claw125g14MMO'sbest gaming mouses
Razer Naga Epic ChromaLPalm | Claw150g14MMO'sbest gaming mouses

What makes a good gaming mouse?

To be honest, a lot of it is subjective. We all have different sized hands along with a variety of different play styles and grips. For this reason, it’s not exactly easy to pick and chose without having the mouse directly in front of us. However, there are some objective matters that can be attributed to. For example, we can give a definitive answer for which mice is good for certain grips and also give some insight into the shapes and sizes of said mice. Of course, though, we do keep an eye on the performance of them as well. This way it becomes easier for everyone to find something that fits closely to your preference in both ergonomics and performance.

How can they help?

Don’t take this the wrong way, a gaming mouse won’t automatically make you a professional player. What a good mouse can do is help improve your gameplay through various means. They can help improve aim with comfort and a much more precise sensor. Along with giving you the added bonus of extra buttons so you can key bind more spells in your MMO games. All in all, they can give you the edge or put you on a leveled playing field with other games who take advantage of this.

Oh and I included an image if you’re curious about the difference in the 3 types of Grips.

best gaming mouse


One of the biggest factors that play a key role in increasing your accuracy and precision is without a doubt, hardware. Many gaming mouses back in the heyday boasted high DPI capabilities. This lead to a stigma against high DPI. However, that stigma has vanished or at least should vanish, because DPI has improved since. Before, it was only accurate in resolutions native to your optical sensor which usually meant between 800-1600. If you played with anything above or below that, well your mouse would produce “noise” because the native resolution didn’t support that.

Now, however, that’s not the case as hardware has improved dramatically and is capable of delivering resolutions as has as 16,000 DPI without inconsistency or “noise”. Therefore, its a good thing currently to chose a mouse with a DPI as high as 16,000 because all of those sensors they come with are top tier. Still, I wouldn’t suggest playing 16,000 DPI. Why? well it’s because your going to be zooming across the planet with that speed

Besides DPI, you still have other values to keep an eye out for such as Polling rate and Lift off range. So let’s take a look at each of them!

Polling rate

What is polling rate? Polling rate, also known as report rate, is known to many as how fast your mouse sends a movement report to your computer. The rate at which this is measured is in Hz which correlates with (x) times per second. For example, if you have gaming mouse with a polling rate of 125Hz then it’s going to report movements 125 times per second. As a result, the higher the Hz are, the more times your mice reports its movement. So this is a value you want as high as possible.

Another term used by manufacturers and players is the “1MS” gaming mouse. The 1ms, or 1 millisecond, represents a 1,000Hz gaming mouse which is considered the fastest currently out.

Please note though, you don’t need high polling rates for an MMO game so don’t sweat having low polling rates.

Lift off range or LOD

Lift off range is another aspect that should be considered for an avid or competitive FPS/MOBA player.

So what is lift off range? Unlike polling rates, lift off range doesn’t enhance your pointer precision. Instead, lift off range is the distance the mouse needs to be lifted for the sensor to stop recording movements. For this, you want to have a gaming mouse that achieves the Lowest possible lift off range which I believe to be between 1 to 2 millimeter.

The reason why is because most FPS/MOBA gamers generally flick their mice quickly across the screen just to hit their target. After that, they quickly pick up their mouse and reposition it to do it again. When you try this on a normal mouse with a lift off range higher than 4millimters, you will often experience jittering or shaky movements in your pointers position. Thus, it will cause you to be inaccurate and can lead to missing the next head shot or miss clicking on a creep.

Now while I said it should be considered for FPS/MOBA players, it is somewhat subjective as well. This primarily lies within the habits of some gamers. For example, I myself had a hard time adjusting at first simply because I developed a habit of sometimes picking up my gaming mouse. Which required me to refine my movements into larger swings with some discipline on picking up my mouse.

Gaming mouse reviews

Before we get started, keep in mind that these reviews are not in order. This is because we are going on the basis that everyone has their own preferences on a gaming mouse in general. For example, some dislike a certain mouse because it doesn’t fit their grip style. While others dislike the mouse because it’s not ambidextrous.

One could argue that specs should be first and foremost and yes that can be true if you want to be competitive, but it’s not always the case either because if you aren’t comfortable using that mouse then you’re not going to aim well with it. That matter really is more targeted at MMO users. This is because for an MMO you largely want an ergonomic mouse than an amazingly quick and accurate mouse mostly due to the fact that you don’t need accuracy in an MMO. You just need something comfortable to play.

Razer DeathAdder Elite

best gaming mouses

The DeathAdder Elite by Razer is the most recent iteration for their top of the line gaming mouse, the DeathAdder. With the latest update bringing the new 5G optical sensor with a capability of tracking up to 16,000 DPI at 450 inches per second (IPS).

In addition to the new sensor, the Deathadder has extra buttons. Two to be exact and they sit right below the mouse wheel. By default, they’re set to on-the-fly DPI switch, but they can still be adjusted in the Razer Synapse software. this allows you to customize the buttons and change them into other keybindings.

Speaking about Razer Synapse software, the Deathadder allows you to adjust its lift off range (LOD) to the lowest range, 1 millimeter. Something that really stands out from many of its competitors as having such a low LOD it can be ideal for gamers who love flick their shots in an FPS. Also, let’s not forget the polling rate you can adjust from 150, 500 and 1000 Hz.


As far as ergonomics go the Deathadder’s design hasn’t changed much. Besides the extra two buttons below the mouse wheel, everything has remained the same. You still have the familiar sloped line and shell, uniquely curved to the left and right mouse clicks. Furthermore, the build quality is still above average. While it is still mostly a rather soft to the touch plastic, the rubber grooves on the left and right clicks of the mouse are still there for better grip. The scroll wheel has also been changed and now has a distinct set of steps to allow for a rather firm and satisfying click.

The mouse still comes with a 2.1-meter long braided cable like usual. However, it has two big Teflon feet which are a change from the two little front feet and single back foot.

Zowie FK Series

best gaming mousesThe reason why we included all three of the Zowie FK series gaming mice is because they are identical to each other. All three share the same hardware layout and the only difference here is really size but well talk about that in a moment. First, let’s talk about the hardware and where it stands today. The DPI output of all three of the FK series is only 400, 800, 1600 and 3200. Which is the only real downside because you can’t personalize the DPI setting.

Polling rate on can be adjusted from 125, 500 and 1000hz, so it’s got a good rate. Next is the lowest lift-off range coming in anywhere between 1.5-1.8mm range. While its not as great as the Deathadder it is still amazing and should be considered.


Just a reminder, the FK series gaming mouse’s differ in sizes and for a reference check the image below.

best gaming mousesThe FK series gaming mouse are fitted with four extra buttons with two being on both the left and right of the mice, as it is marketed as a true ambidextrous mouse. However, you can only have one side at a time active. This is large to prevent accidentally hitting the buttons on the opposite side. Please note though, this gaming mouse has no software, but a there is a little switch on the bottom to deactivate the buttons on either side.

In terms of the build style, the mouse was designed for use of fingertip grip and because of that the mice is rather small in height and lacks a big enough hump for palm grip. Furthermore, the sides are slightly curved towards the middle and both have ledges above to make it easier to pick up.

All three gaming mice come with a 2m long cable made up of a mostly smooth flexible rubber. Lastly, all three come with two big Teflon feet with one placed in the front and the other in the back along with two extra replacement mouse feet just in case.

Logitech G Pro

best gaming mouses

Logitech has been known across the world for building some of the best gaming mouse’s in the industry. So it’s no surprise that we included their Logitech G Pro in this list. It’s also noteworthy to mention that the G Pro was designed after a lot of feedback from the community from their previous G series.

This gaming mouse comes equipped with some good hardware which makes it capable of handling up to 12,000 DPI with a max acceleration of 40g and a max speed of 300 IPS. In addition to the good speeds, this mouse also has a polling speed adjustable from 125-1000 Hz. As for LOD though, I couldn’t find anything mentioned by the manufacturer. However, I found that 1 CD height (1.2mm thick) was just about max.


The G Pro gaming mouse design is much different from the two previous mice I’ve included. First of all, it sports the lowest curvature when compared to the DA and FK mice. On top of a shorter shell height, it’s also more rounded compared to the others. This can be good if you’re looking for something with more room for your palm.

As for the sides, because of its design, the edge are somewhat vertically rounded. There both the two extra buttons sit and each has some subtle comfort groves. Which is the same for the DPI switch that sits snugly below the mouse wheel. Speaking of buttons, they can be rather loud when activated but they also do have somewhat of a tactile feel.

Last is the cable and feet. Just like other gaming mouse’s designed by Logitech, you can expect a 2 meter long braided cable. Along with a total of four small Teflon feet. Two are sitting on the front corners and the other two on the back. They are rather small but I don’t think they should wear out anytime soon. Logitech claims they can last up to 250 Km (155 miles) which is rather impressive.

Mionix Castor

best gaming mouses

Another great FPS/MOBA gaming mouse is the Mionix Castor. The Castor is equipped with some good hardware and is able to match all our other top picks. As such, this mouse can be adjusted up to 1000Hz polling rate along with a max setting of 10,000 DPI. Another noteworthy aspect of its hardware is the max LOD. Although it’s not specified, we found it to be about 1CD in height or 1.2 millimeters.


This gaming mouse is a bit unique and different from the rest in terms of design. For starters, the Mionix Castor surface is made up of a rubbery plastic along with rubber grip on the left side. The shell envelops the mice with two slight curves outwards on both sides of the mouse clicks. Furthermore, the whole right side has an inward groove. This is something to keep an eye on, as it can cause some discomfort for those with big hands. Mostly because the groves dictate where your hand rests.

Continuing on, the Castor comes with three extra buttons and two of them are placed on the left-hand side while the third is behind the mouse wheel. Each can be reprogrammed to suit your needs in the software.

To top it off, the mouse comes with a 2-meter long braided cable and a pair of two feet, one on the front and one on the back.

Dream Machines DM1 Pro

best gaming mouses

The final gaming mouse that is among the best for FPS is Dream Machines DM1 Pro. This is an update to the previous DM1, and with better hardware. It sports a new sensor which is capable of 12,000 max DPI that can be increased on the fly from 400-12000 (in increments of 400, 800, 1600, 2400, 4800 and 12000). Thanks to the new sensor,  the mouse can also adjust polling rate to 1000hz and has a LOD as low as 1.8mm.

An interesting thing about the LOD is that while the manufacturer states that max low LOD is 1.8mm we found it to be wrong. We test max LOD on gaming mouses using a CD as a benchmark. By placing it above two CD’s, one in the back and another in the front. Doing so leaves the sensor floating which makes it ideal for a testing range. Anyways, after testing it we discovered our version wouldn’t keep track. Which is strange, considering a CD has a max height of 1.2mm so I would wager our version stopped tracking at 1.2mm.


DM1 Pro sports a basic ambidextrous design along with a rubbery plastic on the first version and an alternate shiny black coat on the second version. In addition to the design, the shell is rather similar to the FK series mouses. With the only real difference is the missing two buttons on the right side. This is a bummer because it could be a perfect fit for lefties. Lastly, the extra button below the mouse wheel serves as the DPI button.

The DM1 Pro has no extra grip or padding on either side of the mouse. As for cable length and feet. The DM1 gaming mice come with a 1.8-meter cable and the feet are four in total which are distributed with two in the front and the other two in the back.

There you have it, best 5 FPS gaming mouses we came across.

Best MMO Mouse

Now, with FPS/RTS/MOBA orientated mice out, let’s get to the MMO ones.

Logitech G600

best gaming mouses

The Logitech G600 is an older gaming mouse and hasn’t seen any new updates in the past few years. However, this mouse is heavily geared towards the MMO setting because of how many buttons it is loaded with. I’m not kidding either, it has over 17 extra buttons! Furthermore, one of those extra buttons happens to be on your ring finger which when activated changes your keybindings on the fly. Thus allowing you to increase your keybinding spectrum from 17 buttons to 34 buttons and that’s insane.

In regards to the hardware, the G600 was released back in 2012 and hasn’t had an update since. Therefore, don’t expect a high performing gaming mouse for FPS/MOBA. In addition to that this mouse weighs in at a whopping 133g so it’s quite heavy. As for the capabilities of its laser sensor, it supports up to 8,200 DPI.


The G600 is a strange mouse to use because of its design. While the shell has nice curvature and slight groves on both the left and right click. It also has that for the 3rd extra click or G button. This makes fingertip grip rather difficult to use because of the lack of space to hold on to. This, however, is not the case for other grips and especially palm grip.

In respect to the 12 side buttons, they are very easy to hit with decent actuation. There are also slight bumps on buttons 5 and 7, making them like home buttons. Personally, I didn’t have any issues remembering where each was placed because of the slight bumps. As for the ring finger click, there are no issues at all and it has a very responsive click to it. Now, you might be wondering where the last 2 buttons are at. Well, they are on the mouse wheel and you activate them by simply pushing the mouse wheel left or right. Each is an extra key and there is a slight yet satisfying click on activation.

Lastly, the wire length is about 2 meters, and the mouse has two feet resting on the front and back of the mice.

Corsair Scimitar Pro

best gaming mouses

A mouse very similar to the G600 is the Corsair Scimitar Pro. It has almost the same amount of buttons with a goal of being suited for MMOs. But what makes the Scimitar Pro different from the G600 is design and hardware. For example, the sensor has a max polling rate of 1,000hz along with 16,000 DPI. Furthermore, this gaming mouse is lighter than the G600 which weighs in at 133g, while the Scimitar Pro weighs in at 122g.

Considering the specs, this mouse is somewhat suitable for FPS/MOBA. Don’t get me wrong though, it’s not a jack of all trades so don’t expect to be competitive with it. However, FPS is still within this gaming mouse’s spectrum so its a good pick for casual play and those looking for an all-rounder.


With its matte black rubber plastic shell along with the somewhat elegant design makes this gaming mouse ascetically pleasing to the eye. Furthermore, unlike the G600, the Scimitar Pro doesn’t have an extra button on the ring finger which some users may find uncomfortable. The reason being because it can dictate the way you hold your mouse such as preventing you from using the fingertip grip. Another relevant aspect of the design are the 12 side buttons and their position. They can be adjusted by simply unlocking and sliding them to a more favorable position.

On to the cable length and mouse feet. The Scimitar pro has a braided 2-meter cable. As for the feet, this gaming mouse comes with four feet in total. Which are positioned with two in the front and two in the back.

SteelSereies Rival 500

best gaming mouses

The most recent addition to SteelSeries gaming mouse is the MMO orientated Rival 500. Much like the G600 and Scimitar, the Rival 500 has 12 extra re-programmable buttons. It also sports a more advanced sensor that’s capable of up to 16,000 DPI and over 1,000Hz polling rate. With these, it easily matches the Scimitar in both speed and precision. So what’s the difference? Design and a little extra hardware.

Unlike most gaming mouses on the market, this one comes a little more personal. Steelseries made this mouse with some tactile alerts and they go off with health and cooldowns. BUT! they seem to only work for CS: GO, Minecraft and Dota 2. So don’t get your hopes up if your playing games other than those.


This gaming mouse comes with an extra 12 buttons but their placement, as you might be able to tell, is very different. While the G600 and Scimitar design aims for more buttons at your thumb, the Rival does it a little different. It aims for more buttons around your finger. Why? The reason they went with this design is because it allows you easy access to each button without forgetting or going out of your way. Instead of moving your finger from resting position to the furthest button at the back, you can instead simply use your whole finger and tap it gently.

Finally, the Rival 500 comes with a 2-meter long non-braided cable along with three mouse feet spread in a triangle. The larger one in the front and two medium sized Teflon mouse feet at the back.

Roccat Tyon

best gaming mouses

The Roccat Tyon was released by Roccat and advertised as an MMO/FPS mouse. A jack of all trades is what they were after but because of this path, there’s a flaw in its design. The first is well they went for many extra buttons which added a lot of weight. It weighs about 125g so yea it’s not suitable for competitive play.

Still, you shouldn’t worry too much if you just want some casual fun because the Tyon is still a great gaming mouse. An example is the good sensor it has. With it, the Tyon is able to handle up to 16,000 DPI and with polling speeds at 1,000Hz. Ideal specs for FPS gaming I must say! On top of that, you get the 14 extra buttons along with one being an Easy shift (like the G600 G-shift) which lets you change your bindings on the mouse.


The top shell shape is rather similar when compared to the Deathadder gaming mouse, but with some differences. First, unlike the Deathadder the Tyon doesn’t have grooves on each click. Another would be the four buttons on the left and right click which have a nice extended upward design. This makes it easy to hit the buttons, but also makes it easy to hit when you don’t want. This is partly because of the lack of grooves on the clicks.

In addition to the extra four buttons, the Roccat Tyon mouse has an interesting design for the thumb buttons. For example, it has four total buttons on the bottom which have a different design than the rest. Two of them are forward and back buttons, which sit above your thumb. These can be pressed easily and you shouldn’t run into any confusion because of positioning. As for the third, it sits below your thumb and can be flicked downwards. Finally, you have the fourth which sits above the two forward and back. This fourth button has two different functions which allow you to flick up and down with each being a different binding.

This gaming mouse also comes with the standard 2-meter braided cable along with two feet in total. One in the front and the other in the back.

Overall, the Roccat Tyon can be a hit or miss depending on your taste. While the others have their buttons mostly within access of your thumb. This one has them spread around, which can be good if you dislike a number pad on your thumb.

Razer Naga Epic Chroma

best gaming mouses

Our final pick on the list is the Razer Naga Epic Chroma edition. This gaming mouse is very similar in design to the G600 and Scimitar. They all share the number pad on your thumb design. So why is this on the list? Well while they share similarities, they aren’t wireless while this mouse is.

A wireless gaming mouse can be amazing. Since tech has advanced, they are performing closer and closer to wired versions. Sure, they aren’t near the FPS competitors in terms of pinpoint accuracy, but they’re still within reach when it comes to casual gaming. So now, they’re a top choice because the only reason to not choose a wireless mouse for MMOs is the battery. In the case of this gaming mouse, the battery lasts approximately 20hrs.

Alternatively, you could buy yourself the wired version called the Razer Naga Chroma. Both versions have the same specs: 16,000 DPI at 1,000Hz polling rate max, so your decision should purely be based on preference. Oh, and before I forget, if you’re a lefty MMO player then I suggest you check out the left version of the Naga.


As I mentioned earlier, this gaming mouse has a similar distinctive design which closely resembles the G600 and Scimitar. Each has the same number pad design and ring/pinky finger grove on the left side. So with that taken into account, I wouldn’t suggest using it for fingertip users. Don’t get me wrong though, I am sure there are those who could do it, but in our case, we found it rather uncomfortable.

Also, this mouse’s shell has a mostly soft plastic with no curves along the mouse clicks.

Now, as this gaming mouse is the wired version of the Naga Chroma, the wire length is the standard 2-meter braided cable. As for feet, both the wired and wireless have three feet in total.

Final thoughts.

I hope I didn’t sound like a broken record. I wanted to give decent short reviews on the gaming mouse’s chosen. Of all the picks above, my personal favorites for those who are wondering is the Deathadder Elite for FPS and my long time buddy the G600 for MMO. Previously I had owned the G600 since its launch date (2012!). Meanwhile, the Deathadder was something I recently upgraded to upon its launch in the late months of last year.

Both gaming mouses fit really well with my own grip and they are amazing. The G600 as old as it may be, that little guy just won’t die on me and it has seen so many gaming hours I just can’t get rid of it. Especially the crazy amount of extra buttons and the capability of having almost a whole keyboard at the palm of your hand. It’s just good. Meanwhile, my little Deathadder has everything I could want for an FPS mouse. In fact, I hit rank +3500 in Overwatch back in season one with this little guy.

So with that said, I hope you found this information useful and good luck finding the right gaming mouse.

Featured image by Flavio Ensiki.

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