Best QLED TV 2018 – Should you buy a QLED TV?

In the beginning of 2017, Samsung announced that they’re creating the QLED TV models that competes with OLED TV’s. Samsung is the world’s largest TV maker and the new TV’s Samsung just improved their QLED TV’s and put them on the top of the list of the “Best TVs in 2018.”

QLED TV#1#2#3#4#5
Samsung QN65Q8C
Samsung QN65Q7F
Samsung QN55Q7F
Samsung QN55Q8C
Samsung QN75Q7F
Display Size65 inches65 inches55 inches55 inches75 inches
Resolution3840 x 2160 3840 x 2160 3840 x 2160 3840 x 2160 3840 x 2160
Colors1 Billion +1 Billion +1 Billion +1 Billion +1 Billion +

What is a QLED TV?

According to QLED-Info, QLED stands for “Quantum dot light-emitting diodes” and all it means is that there is new display technology that utilizes cadmium nanocrystals to replace RGB color filters. As a result, light is able to pass through and produce better and brighter colors.

What is the difference between QLED and OLED?

The difference between QLED and OLED is that QLED uses a different layer for their display that produces more light forms which make the display more energy efficient as well as have more color. According to Samsung, there are over a billion colors in the QLED TVs. Since QLED utilizes improved technology then it should arguably be better than LG’s TV’s, however, it is too soon to tell. OLED TV stands for organic light emitting diode TV. The OLED TV was unique compared to the LCD predecessor because the OLED TV looked a lot brighter than an LCD TV.

Samsung has been a fierce competitor in almost every industry they entered. For example, Samsung held its market share against Apple and throughout the years they consistently increased their market share in the smartphone industry. That does not mean Samsung is perfect, their massive failure with the Galaxy S7 gave the lead back to Apple and Samsung will have to really step up their innovation to regain the trust of their loyal consumers and possibly shift the undecided back to their side.

Not only does Samsung have great smartphones, they also have incredible TVs. As stated before Samsung has been the leader in TV manufacturing. The obvious reason why Samsung has been a leader is simply that the TV’s they outclass their competitors in quality, price, and durability.

Since 2011, Samsung has steadily been increasing their market share. What’s interesting is that the closest competitor to Samsung is LG, but LG was not a big threat to Samsung until 2009 when LG surpassed Sony in market share. Before 2009, Sony was the biggest threat to Samsung and was, in fact, taking Samsung’s market share away from them. The reason LG exploded and surpassed Sony was because of the introduction of LG’s OLED TV’s. Since the introduction of OLED TV’s, LG has been able to increase their market share as well as put Samsung in a position where they need to innovate in order to maintain their market share.

Best QLED TV 2017



Samsung QN65Q8C Curved 65-Inch

Samsung QN65Q8C – Curved 65 inch QLED TV

Core Features – Price: $4,999 | Colors: 1 Billion + | Resolution: 4k HD 3840 x 2160 | Weight: 62.4 lbs | Processor: Quadcore | USB ports: 3 | HDMI ports: 4 | Energy Consumption: 90W | Refresh Rate: 240Hz

The best QLED TV 2017 is the Samsung Q8C Curved 65 inch QLED TV. The Q8C series of Samsung TV’s come in three sizes: 55 inches, 65 Inches, and 75 inches. The 75 inches version of the QLED Q8C TV has not come out yet. I was lucky to have the opportunity to demo the Samsung Q8C 65 inch curved TV. When I sat down, the first thing that stuck out to me was the explosion of colors of the QLED TV.

No matter where you were standing the TV did not have any glare and the brightness and colors just always stood out. The best part was that the saturation was not overexposed like the previous SUHD Samsung models. If you have a large living room then you really need your TV to be at least 50 inches. The Samsung Q8C is the perfect size for any living room and bedroom.

The next feature of the best QLED TV 2017 that was truly jaw-dropping was the black level once you played around with the options. The settings panel of the QLED is the same as the older versions so there is nothing new to learn from a technical standpoint. The Q8C is an extremely heavy TV at 67 lbs. If you decide to buy it from the store please don’t handle it on your own and pay for delivery and installment. Even if you are able to lift it, the Q8C is a very large TV that would make balancing the TV extremely difficult. For the price, you pay it is highly recommended that one hires expert installation.

Again, the Samsung Curved QLED TV’s view is absolutely breathtaking. No matter where you sit, the QLED TV has perfect colors and retains its incredible picture quality. The QLED TV has beautiful bright beautiful colors and the color volume is extremely rich. Another unique feature of the QLED TV is that you can increase the brightness without actually having the quality of the image fade or wash off. At the moment the QLED is the brightest TV on the market and even OLED TVs can not compete with it. Another cool feature of the QLED TV is the no gap wall mount. The no gap mount makes it so you can place the TV as close to the wall as possible and after the QLED TV is mounted it can be adjusted without any effects to your viewing experience.


I want to go over the pros and cons of the Samsung Curved QN65Q8C QLED TV. First, one of the great parts of the QLED TV is that it comes with new display technology called quantum dot technology. I’m a firm believer that innovation is a great thing moving forward and we need these companies to try and keep pushing technology forward. Another great advantage of the TV is that it is curved and I know that a lot of studies show that curved TVs don’t have any advantage over non-curved TVs. However, I still think that even if there is a psychological benefit that satisfies someone then it’s really a pro more than anything else.

Furthermore, another great feature with the Samsung Q8C TV is the complexity and volume of colors. The best QLED TV 2017 has some of the best colors of any TV there is on the market and the brightness scale gets higher and higher without tampering with the picture quality and not fading the colors. Another pro of the Q8C TV is that it has an incredible black color that other TVs currently do not offer. Even OLED TVs are no match for the brightness and colors of QLED.

Another great factor about this QLED is the amazingly fast motion quality because of the high 240 hertz(Hz) refresh rate. Which isn’t unique to only this QLED TV as the previous already had 240 Hz on the market. Also, plasma TVs refresh rates go up to 600 Hz, but you have to remember that the refresh rate on plasma TVs are different than refresh rates on other TVs. The reason for the difference in refresh rates is because of the technology and the way the plasma TVs are manufactured.


Having a list of pro’s would be useless if I did not go over the cons of the TV. One of the biggest cons to the Samsung Q8C QLED TV is that the TV costs over $4,000. That is a lot of money for a lot of people and it’s not the most budget or family-friendly TV. If you don’t have the income for this TV then you should probably not go through financial distress for this TV. Especially considering new technological advancements which make older OLED TV’s cheaper. Since the OLED TV’s can still meet the needs of a lot of families who just don’t have the budget for a QLED TV by Samsung. When OLED TVs came out the prices were absurd, now you can find QLED TVs in the $1000 to $3000 dollar range.

Another issue of QLED is that this is the first generation technology so there’s a lot of room for improvements and growth. This means that the prices of QLED TVs will drop rapidly after the first few years.  Furthermore, another con is that the TV weighs 66 pounds and this means that most of the people that want to move the TV from one room to another would most likely not be able to without the help of two to three people. It would be very sad and tragic if you’re lifting a TV that’s very expensive and happened to get damaged. This may not be a con to most, but for me, I was disappointed that Samsung really didn’t make many improvements on the user experience of Samsung smart.

The final complaint I have about this TV is that the sound quality was not that impressive. However, if you can afford this TV then you most likely have a pretty nice surround sound system installed in your home.


All in all, if you can afford the Samsung Q8C QLED TV then I highly recommend one to buy it. There is no other TV on the market for the price that can match the color quality, contrast, brightness and the black level. Samsung did a fantastic job with the release of the QLED TV series and they will definitely maintain and gain more market share because of it. Also, remember that the highest brightness setting is too bright for night time. For the future, Samsung really needs to invest and improve the sound quality of their TVs. There hasn’t been much improvement on it.


Samsung QN65Q7F – Flat 65 inch QLED TV

Core Features – Price: $3,999 | Colors: 1 Billion + | Resolution: 4k HD 3840 x 2160 | Weight: 62.2 lbs | Processor: Quadcore | USB ports: 3 | HDMI ports: 4 | Energy Consumption: 90W | Refresh Rate: 240Hz

The difference between the Q7F and the Q7C is that the Q7F QLED TV is not curved. The only reason to downgrade from the Q8 series to the Q7 series is to get the flat screen that is not offered through the TV. The reason the Q7F is on the list is because that there are a lot of individuals who do not like curved screens. Aesthetically speaking, the curved TVs look absolutely stunning at first glance compared to the flat screen TVs. If you don’t care so much about the aesthetics of the TV then you should probably go with the non-curved QLED TV because it saves you a decent amount of money. In addition, a flat screen TV should be able to provide slightly more field of view but it’s so small that it will not get noticed by the human eye. The curve TV viewing angle is usually limited but with Samsung’s latest technology, they have improved this issue. Furthermore, to get the most value out of a curved TV it is recommended to go as big as you can and currently that is 65 inches.


Samsung QN55Q7F – Flat 55 inch QLED TV

Core Features – Price: $2,799 | Colors: 1 Billion + | Resolution: 4k HD 3840 x 2160 | Weight: 47.6 lbs | Processor: Quadcore | USB ports: 3 | HDMI ports: 4 | Energy Consumption: 80W | Refresh Rate: 240Hz

The Samsung Q7F QLED TV is by far the cheapest QLED TV on the market right now coming in at $2,799. When OLED TVs first came out it was nearly impossible to buy a TV for $2,799 unless it had some defects to it. Not only is the price cheaper, the 55 inch flat QLED TV may be able to meet the needs of those who want to put the TV in a very small room. If you fit into the category of needing a new TV, have a small room, want the best brand on the market, and have a set budget at $2,799 TV then this is a great choice. Another advantage over the larger QLED TVs is that the 55 inch Q7F is about 10lbs lighter which means that two people should be able to easily balance 25 lbs on each side to move the TV around. I’d still be very cautious when handling these QLED TVs.

All in all, I would say that the Flat 55 inch QLED  TV would be a great addition to an apartment living room or a bedroom. Apartment bedrooms are pretty small and are usually no more than 140 Square feet. It may be difficult to get the permission to mount the TV in your bedroom but if you make the room, then the QLED TV would be a great addition. A flat 55 inch QLED TV would look absolutely amazing while laying in bed and looking over. Projectors are awesome for this purpose but they’re usually space heaters too.


Samsung QN65Q8C Curved 65-Inch

Samsung QN55Q8C – Curved 55 inch QLED TV

Core Features – Price: $3,498 | Colors: 1 Billion + | Resolution: 4k HD 3840 x 2160 | Weight: 51.1 lbs | Processor: Quadcore | USB ports: 3 | HDMI ports: 4 | Energy Consumption: 80W | Refresh Rate: 240Hz

If you completely must have a curved QLED TV with a fixed budget then the 55 inch Q8C is the right fit for you. The 55 inch Q8C costs $1,000 less than the 65-inch version. This saves the consumer about $100 per inch. Another advantage to this QLED TV has over the 65 inch Q8C is that the TV weighs less and since it is smaller the energy consumption is less. For $1000 less I’d highly recommend getting the flat 55 inch QLED TV.


Samsung QN75Q7F – Flat 75 inch QLED TV

Core Features – Price: $5,999 | Colors: 1 Billion + | Resolution: 4k HD 3840 x 2160 | Weight: 62.4 lbs | Processor: Quadcore | USB ports: 3 | HDMI ports: 4 | Energy Consumption: 140W | Refresh Rate: 240Hz

Okay, so most of you are confused to why the 75 inch Samsung QLED TV came in the last place. First, the reason it’ s on the bottom of the list is that 75 inches in a room is just too much for any household unless you’re trying to set up a theater in your home. Another reason I put the 75 inch QLED TV on the bottom of the list is because it costs $1,500 to $2,500 more to get an extra 10 inches on the QLED TV. Since all the QLED TV’s currently have the same resolution, getting the 75 inch would not make sense since the pixels per inch (PPI) would not be as good compared the 65 inch and 55 inch QLED TVs.

The only reason anyone should ever get a 75 inch TV is if you have an extremely big living room or gaming room. Otherwise don’t especially considering you’re actually paying more for less. Sure you could argue that bigger screen equals better experience but when we’re talking about specs well there’s no argument. Less PPI equals less quality overall because the pixels become larger per inch making them easily discernible. Don’t get me wrong, having a big TV is always awesome but I just want to keep the facts straight.

Should you buy a QLED TV?

The next-gen tech of QLED TVs are very promising but the biggest factor of Samsungs success will be consumer price sensitivity. The main question to ask yourself is, “Can I afford a QLED TV?” At the moment, an individual can buy an OLED TV for the upper $1,000s which is about $700 to $1000 cheaper than current QLED TVs on the market. If you want the latest fad and can afford it then a QLED TV might be a good idea for you. However, if the price is an issue and you want to wait for the new generation of QLED TVs then I highly recommend waiting until Black Friday to purchase a first-generation QLED TV.

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