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Best Air Purifier for Allergies 2017 – Buyers Guide

Choosing the best air purifier is not easy when there are thousands of different products on the market.  Most of us have bad allergies during springtime. Watery eyes, lung irritation, coughing, and sneezing are some of the symptoms of seasonal allergies. Once it gets out of hand, we start searching for the best air purifier for…read more

Best LED Bulbs – Buyers Guide

Shopping for the best LED bulbs for your needs is hard. I know this, as do those of you looking at this guide. There’s such a wide variety of them, with varying specs and promises that it’s easy to get lost. But, one shouldn’t get lost. Light bulbs are one of the most important things…read more

Best Affordable Laptops for College Students – Buyers Guide

You’ve come to the right place if you are looking for the best affordable laptops for college. There are many cheap laptops, but there are only a few that are worth the price. I will do my absolute best to keep the review as short as possible so it doesn’t take too much of your…read more

Best Microwave Oven – Buyers Guide

An essential appliance in any kitchen is the Microwave Oven. This kitchen appliance is what we rely on when food gets cold, or we need to quickly defrost produce. Without an oven unit, any food not eaten immediately after being made becomes a hassle to reheat and enjoy later. As such, we usually replace our…read more

Best Portable Air Conditioner 2017 – Buyers Guide

No one likes the heat and with climate change over the horizon, many locations will get hotter. Not only will we see an increase in temperature but also an increase of how long that heat will last. That also means summer isn’t going to be the only issue in due time. So what can you…read more

Best CPU Cooler – Buyers Guide 2017

The best CPU cooler is one of the most important parts in every gamer’s computer. It helps keep low CPU temperatures while providing stability, reliability and efficiency. Sadly, it is usually one of the most neglected parts in most PC builds. Most argue that the price is too high and they would rather buy another part….read more

Best Gaming Headset 2017 – Buyers Guide

Many have a hard time finding the best gaming headset. It can be impossible at times due to the outrageous amounts of headsets there are in today’s market. It is always hard finding the best gaming headset that fits well, sounds good and is affordable. To make matters worse, advertisers throw fancy words and huge price tags in…read more

Smart Wall Switch Guide 2017

An important piece of equipment shared in every room in your home that ranges from bathrooms, closets, and rooms is a wall switch. Without this handy device, your home would be dark wherever there isn’t a window. They light up the dark corners of our house and help us brighten up our workspace when we need them. It’s…read more

Best Tablets 2017 – Small, Android, Gaming and more

Everyone needs a great tablet whether it’s for watching YouTube videos, browsing the web or creating magical artwork. However, there are so many out there that it can be rather overwhelming and difficult to find the best one. So, this is our top ten best tablets that we have found. But before we get into it, let…read more

Best Gaming Mouse 2017 – Buyers Guide

I’m sure many of you are going to agree with me when I say this, but a good gaming mouse can go a long way. They can improve your accuracy in a game or they can give you an advantage in keybindings and extra buttons. Therefore, it’s important to buy a good one that works…read more